Product Manuals
Following links are to Opera 240 Product Manuals:
Installer Guides:

Opera 240 System Manual

Opera 240 Installer Overview

Set-up problem solving flow chart

Browser and phone based installer programming guide

VoIP Networking Configuration

Operafone IP Executive installation

Operafone IP Professional installation


System Configuration for Softphone Apps

Feature Guides:

Browser based User Programming and Call Handling

Voice Mail User Guide

Auto Attendant User Guide

Contact Centre manual

Operafone Executive (digital / IP):

Operafone Executive user Guide

Operafone Executive Quick ref Guide

DSS2 Installation Guide

Download Phone Label Template

Operafone Professional (IP):

Operafone IP Professional user Guide

Operafone IP Professional Quick ref Guide

Operafone Standard (digital):

Operafone Standard user Guide

Operafone Standard Quick ref Guide

Analogue Telephone:

Analogue Telephone User Guide

Analogue Phone Quick ref Guide

Operafone Softphones:

iPhone app Guide

Android app Guide

Windows PC Softphone Guide

Communicator (1.1.17):

Download the Communicator Application for Windows

Tapi Driver (

Download the Tapi Driver Installation Manual

Download the Tapi Driver Application for Windows 32bit

Download the Tapi Driver Application for Windows 64bit

CTI Procall (2.2.28):

Download the CTI Procall Installation Manual

Download the CTI Procall Application

DECT Gigaset Installation :

Download the Gigaset Integration Instructions


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